Workers Compensation Lawyer Personal Injury Lawyer
Workers Compensation Lawyer Personal Injury Lawyer

Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer


Injured At Work In Queens? Call A Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer

Our experienced Queens Workers Compensation lawyers handle every aspect of your Queens Workers Compensation claim. We explain the Workers compensation benefits process in great detail. We will help you file a workers compensation claim in Queens. We represent you at all Queens Workers Compensation hearings. The Law Office of Oliver C. Minott will fight for the best possible resolution of your Queens Workers Compensation case. Our Queens Workers Compensation lawyer is determined to always obtain the best possible settlement for your Queens Workers Compensation case. We assist Queens Workers Compensation injury victims in, construction injuries, slip and falls, back and neck injuries, leg, shoulder, repetitive stress claims, hands and elbow injuries, vision, and hearing impairments. Our Workers Compensation Lawyer Queens also handle workers compensation claims related to exposure to toxic substances.


An Experienced Queens Workers Compensation Attorney Will Fight For Your Rights

The Law Office of Oliver C. Minott has Queens Workers Compensation lawyers who are highly experienced and trained in New York Workers Compensation Law. As your Queens Workers Compensation lawyer, we will assist you through the entire workers compensation process in Queens. Our dedicated attorneys and staff routinely speak with Workers Compensation Insurance Claims adjusters to expedite your Queens Workers Compensation Claim. Understanding New York Workers Compensation Law is not an easy task. If you have been injured at work, it is important to know what is covered under New York Workers Compensation Law. Our Queens Workers Compensation lawyers have helped thousands of people in Queens obtain Workers Compensation Benefits and repair their lives after being injured on the job.

Injured on Job in Qeens New York, what to do after an accident? Consult Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer

Have you suffered an injury during work? Consult a Queens workers compensation lawyer. Take legal action to get your rights under New York’s workers’ compensation laws.

Injured on the job

The workers compensation allows injured employees to get medical treatment and wage benefits from the employer. Simply put up your case nicely and honestly. The best action you take is by hiring a worker compensation lawyer.

The Law Office of Oliver C. Minott has attorneys who are highly experienced and trained in New York Queens Workers Compensation Law. These professional advocates have all the skills to get you benefits.

The workers compensation system is helpful for employees. To get maximum benefits of your right in receiving funded treatment and financial support do the following:

  1. Notify Your Employer
  2. Provide Detailed Information About Your Injury
  3. Get Medical Attention
  4. File an Official Claim
  5. Hire an Attorney

1. Notify Your Employer

Inform your immediate reporting officer or HR representative about the injury. You have 30 days to give a  written notice to your employer. Before submiting a written notice always inform verbally.

2. Provide Detailed Information About Your Injury

Be honest and try to prove how you got injured during work. Clearly give all information about the accident.

Tell them about your understanding regarding the accident, your injury and mental state during the incident. 

3. Get Medical Attention

Your workers compensation claim depend on your diligence in seeking treatment. It is necessary to follow the treatment recommendations provided by your employer to avoid insurance related issues.

4. File an Official Claim

You are entitled to wage benefits only if you are unable to work for more than seven days or are suffering from a permanent disability after your injury. You need to file an Employee Claim with the Workers Compensation Board within two years to avail benefits.

Call A Strong Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer Today.

Get Representation from a Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer. Do not take the risk of handling your Queens Workers a Compensation case on your own. Insurance Companies have their own Workers Compensation Lawyers protecting their interests. As knowledgeable Queens Workers Compensation Lawyers we understand the system and protect your rights. If you get injured on the Job, immediately call our office for a Free Workers Compensation Consultation. As seasoned Workers Compensation Lawyers in Queens we face insurance company attorneys every day. For years we have settled numerous workers compensation cases for our Queens Workers Compensation clients. The Law Office of Oliver C. Minott is always ready to help you with your Queens Workers Compensation case. New York Workers Compensation Law is very complex, let us guide you today.


Contact A Tenacious Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer To Help You With Your Injury

If you have been injured on your job, our Queens Workers Compensation Lawyers with over 35 years of combined experience will assess your Queens Workers compensation claim and immediately give personalized attention to help you obtain New York Workers Compensation Benefits. Our Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer will fight for you, so that you and your family can recover from your work injury physically, mentally and financially. We care about each and every worker and their families in Queens New York. The Workers Compensation System is complex. The Workers Compensation forms and all matters pertaining to your Queens Workers Compensation case will be handled by aggressive Queens Workers Compensation Lawyers who will fight and protect your rights in Queens New York. The Law Office Of Oliver C. Minott will never take your Queens Workers Compensation Case lightly.

A Determined Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer Will Fight For Your Rights

The Law Office of Oliver C. Minott believes that injured Workers in Queens deserve a hard working Queens Workers Compensation Attorney. After you have been injured on the job you should do the following things immediately to protect your workers compensation claim.

You should give your employer written or oral notice of your work related injury or illness within 30 days of the work related accident.

You should contact a doctor or go to a hospital to secure a medical report documenting your Workers Compensation injury immediately. The Medical treatment will be paid by the employer Workers Compensation insurance company.

Hire A Highly Effective Queens Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are trying to obtain medical treatment and monetary workers compensation benefits for your on-the-job injuries in Queens, contact the Law Office of Oliver C. Minott today by calling 866-683-4200. Our Queens Workers Compensation Lawyers will give you a free consultation. There is no charge unless we recover workers compensation monetary benefits for you.


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