Long-term worker work Illnesses usually evolves over years and decades at the same job, employers and workers compensation insurance companies will often state that the job illness did not occur on the job. To overcome this hurdle, we diligently prepare every case and will go to court if required. If you have been exposed to Toxic Dust, contagious diseases, continuous motion duties, loud noise, bright lights, ongoing job irritant, dangerous work conditions you could be suffering from an occupational disease. You need a long-term workplace disease lawyer in New York. The Law Offices of Oliver Minott will represent you in your case. The Law Offices of Oliver C. Minott understands how difficult the Workers Comp Process can be. If You lost a loved one due to an occupational disease, contact us about a wrongful death lawsuit. We’ve have represented Union and none Union Workers for Decades Call us Toll-Free at (866)683-4200 or contact us online for a free consultation. All conversations and correspondences are confidential.