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Bronx Social Security Disability


Denied Social Security Disability And SSI Benefits? Get A Bronx Social Security Disability Lawyer

Are you entitled to Social Security Disability benefits? Our firm assists disabled adults and children in obtaining social security benefits from the initial application stage to appearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge in the Bronx. If you need representation by a Bronx Social Security Disability Lawyer at a hearing, call the Law Office of Oliver C Minott for an experienced Bronx Social Security attorney.

Obtaining Social Security benefits can be very confusing and complex. Let us do all the work and help you with your claim. If you or a loved one has a physical or mental disability that is expected to last for one year, get help now. Trying to understand the Social Security Disability and SSI process for a severely disabled Bronx resident can be very difficult and daunting. An individual is considered to be disabled if his disabling condition is expected to last for one year

If a doctor advised you that you that your physical or mental disability is expected to last for a year, call our Bronx Social Security Disability and SSI lawyer immediately. In addition, an individual cannot be engaged in substantial gainful activity for that time period. Our office offers a free consultation and we will not charge you a fee unless we win your case. Our Social Security Disability Lawyer has helped many Bronx families obtain Social Security Disability and SSI benefits for many years.

Let Our Bronx Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You Today

If you are suffering from neck and back injuries, shoulder, elbow and leg injuries, asthma, cardiac, respiratory, and pulmonary impairments, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, HIV, Cancer, Lupus let our Bronx Social Security lawyer help you with your claim. If you are unable to work as a result of your disability, contact our Bronx Social Security Disability Lawyer for a free evaluation on your claim.

Bronx Social Security Disability Attorneys Who Will Fight For Your Rights

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits in the Bronx, even though your job or jobs are legally covered under the Social Security Act? The Law Office of Oliver Minott is skilled in the process of appealing your Social Security denial of benefits. We strongly recommend applying for benefits immediately after becoming totally disabled, because the application process takes a long time. You can apply for Social Security benefits at your local Bronx Social Security Office. Most people are denied benefits after their application and have to file an appeal. We will help you from start to finish.

Get An Experienced Bronx Social Security Disability Attorney

A Bronx Social Security Attorney at the Law Offices Of Oliver C. Minott will fight for the rights of individuals in the Bronx who have both Social Security Disability and SSI claims. With approximately two decades of experience in front of Administrative Law Judges, Medical Experts, and Vocational experts our Bronx Social Security Attorney is ready to take your Bronx Social Security Claim from the initial application to a Social Security Hearing.

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